How to build glutes without building bulky legs ?

Most women want to have the perfect glute without having a big bulky leg, some trainers will say it’s very hard because all of the good glute exercises activates the leg muscle as well.
But it is possible with the right knowledge of the leg anatomy and choosing the exercises that isolates the glute muscle.

So the right approach is:

• Avoid any exercise that activates the quads, hamstring and abductor.
• Focus on exercises that activate the glutes muscle.

So basically you should avoid squats, lunges, step ups, dead lifts and leg press. so what does that leave?

The glute is most activated when the hips are near full extension, so focus on exercises that target the glut and achieve full range of motion.

Exercises to target the glute:

• Hip bridges.

• Single Leg squat.

• Kettle bell swings.

• American Dead Lifts.

• Glute Kickbacks.

leg 3

Now something that I personally found very useful is glute activation routine.
this is a great way to warm up before your leg day and its very important if you want to increase the size and it will set your glut on fire.

So 10 minutes before the workout lie down on mat and preform 3 sets of donkey kickbacks, fire hydrants and leg bridge (3 sets of 12 reps for each exercises). I also found that doing that with a resistance band gives you great results.


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